Microelectronics 2019

International Forum

30 September - 05 October 2019

Riviera Sunrise Resort & Spa

Alushta, Republic of Crimea

Design centers consortium of

Russian electronics and microelectronics industry



Krasnikov Gennady


Andrew Savchenko
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Bespalov Vladimir

The 5th Anniversary International Forum «Microelectronics 2019» is an event of the year in the world of electronic technologies. The forum gathers more than 500 industry experts on its site annually, which makes it the largest specialized event in Eastern Europe.

The Forum «Microelectronics 2019» - is an independent platform for constructive dialogue between the scientific community, industrial associations and business representatives microelectronic cluster and related high-tech industries.

About the event:

The 5th Anniversary International Forum «Microelectronics 2019» – is the main event of the year in the world of electronic technologies.

An independent highly intelligent platform for constructive dialogue between electronic component base designers and products manufactures, aroused great interest in all industries. Total growth of participants and reports exceeded 60% for 3 years. More than 550 participants are expected in 2019. Besides this, «Microelectronics 2019» demonstrates to business community and scientific environment the possibility of modern world technologies usage (customer, commercial and specialized), stimulating further development of the industry.

The purpose of the event is a comprehensive approach to the actual issues of design, manufacture and usage of national electronic components base and highly integrated electronic modules; national microelectronics development promotion , present the development and capabilities of modern technologies.

Forum Schedule

Technical Conference Sessions

Business program

Innovation Festival

The 5th International Technical Conference «ECB and Electronic Modules», which consists of a plenary session and 2 day’s work at 10 breakout sessions, will become a fundamental event of the forum «Microelectronics 2019».

The Conference of International Forum «Microelectronics 2019» contains:

  • Navigational, communication in autonomous vehicles and drones
  • High performance computing systems in cloud computing and artificial intelligence
  • Intellectual Properties (IP) Bank for SoC designs
  • Super advance nodes or nanotech designs
  • Products of micro-and optoelectronics of General and special purpose
  • Electronic Design Automation
  • Ultra-high frequency integrated circuit and modules in the IoT applications
  • Edge computing for vs Cloud computing for IOT
  • Production, test and packaging technology for manufacturing
  • Neuromorphic computation. Artificial intelligence

The business program of the 5th Anniversary International Forum «Microelectronics 2019» will be focused on new markets development and global trends in 5G, IoT, AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, blockchain and etc.

The business program is aimed at organizing a direct dialogue between science, business and government. Particular attention will be paid to the development of digital economy in Russia, consolidation of legal framework, design of ECB, production capacities and finished products development. Relevant ministries and departments, representatives of business and educational institutions are invited to participate in Business Program.

The Innovation Festival is a start-up contest, which goal is to find high-technology projects with commercial perspectives. In 2019, the competition will be held in an interactive format. Best innovative projects will be posted on the forum website to identify the winners by online voting. To determine the finalists of the competition, an Expert Council is formed from among the representatives of development funds and leading industry companies.

The competition «Innovation Festival» is aimed at identifying and supporting innovative projects in the field of microelectronics, focused on the production and development of civil products; creating comfortable conditions for their work in Russian Federation; development of innovative thinking, the spirit of innovation in Russian society.

Demonstration zone

School of Young Scientists

The demonstration zone is a small exhibition platform where participants have the opportunity to show their solutions and products: ready-made equipment, microcircuit, chips and processors to potential customers and partners.

The participants are provided with an office suite: a table (dimensions - 183 × 46 cm, maximum weight - 100 kg), a chair, and access to power grids. Within the booth, participants may place promotional materials (including roll-ups) and / or equipment on the table.

The number of places for booths is strictly limited. Book a place in advance.

The School of Young Scientists will be held on September 22-25 at the Children's Recreation Center «Pearl Coast» in the Crimea. The format of the SYS involves not only the process of learning but also the exchange of knowledge between students and qualified scientists. The School of Young Scientists is conceived for those young people who see their future in microelectronics, who are interested in scientific research, and who would like to keep up with the times in their future developments. Both undergraduate and graduate students of leading technical universities of our country and already accomplished scientists will present reports reflecting the scientific results obtained in the following topics:

Topics of the School of Young Scientists-2019:

  • Designing integrated circuits and IP blocks.
  • Materials for the development and production of micro-and nanoelectronics.
  • Technologies and components of micro- and nanoelectronics.
  • Products of micro and optoelectronics for general and special purposes.
  • Modeling electronic components and systems.
  • Microwave integrated circuits and modules.
  • Microsystems, sensors and actuators.
  • Technological and instrumentation equipment for the production of chips and semiconductor devices.
  • Neuromorphic calculations and artificial intelligence.
  • Discrete semiconductor devices.


The registration fee
for delegate is

by request

The registration fee includes:

Participation in all activities of the business program, coffee breaks

Group transfer in the days of arrival-departure: Simferopol hotel-Simferopol

The registration fee for
commercial speaker is

by request

The registration fee includes:

Publishing Programme and Proceedings

Participation in all activities of the business program, coffee breaks

Group transfer in the days of arrival-departure: Simferopol-hotel-Simferopol


Take advantage of the unique capabilities of partner participation of the International Forum «Microelectronics 2019» and confirm the leading position of your company.

The organizing committee is ready to discuss the range of services and jointly develop an individual program of sponsorship, the best interests of your company.

The main reasons to become
a partner of the Forum:

  • Unique Audience: representatives of federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation, the delegates of the leading Russian and foreign companies in the microelectronics and related sectors of the economy, Russian and foreign experts with a worldwide reputation
  • The high level of organization of the event
  • Demonstrate your products and services to individuals, decision makers
  • Large-scale integrated marketing program
  • The image of a successful company's brand
  • Direct presentation of the target audience of Service

Benefits of
Partnership Forum:

  • A comprehensive program of promotion and positioning of the company as a leader and an active participant in the navigation market.
  • Campaign to promote the use of various tools (print media, websites, social networks, newsletters, white papers)
  • Forming long-term and exclusive relationships with members of the industry segment of the market
  • Securing positions partners for your company in the main event, the microelectronic industry.


For media representatives wishing to cover the event, you must be accredited.

Rules of the accreditation:

  • To work at the Forum All journalists must be accredited.
  • Accreditation gives the right of free passage to the Forum, participated in the Forum program, receiving printed materials and press releases.
  • Media representatives wishing to be accredited, you must submit an application no later than September 22, 2019 on Email: office@proconf.ru in free form, specifying the name of the media, website and contact information.

The amount is limited to accredited media.

For participation in the Forum as information, intelligence partner or representative of the media, please contact:




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